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Q Investments Ltd. is a global focused financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of investment management around the world. We add value to our clients by drawing on our own expertise and the combined resources of our business partners.

We offer investments in our “Profiler Portfolio” a globally diversified investment portfolio via participation certificates.

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WSJ.com: Markets

WSJ.com: Markets

23.08.16: Retailers Could Fail the Back-to-School Test
Retailers with a significant back-to-school business face easy comparisons, but that may already be priced into their shares.

24.08.16: Why Europe's Steady Growth Does Little to Enthuse Investors
Investors are favoring further-flung, more exciting destinations than Europe for their cash. But steady growth remains a reassuring factor.

24.08.16: Meitu: Why China's Photo Phenomenon Is Out of Focus
Meitu is looking to achieve a pricey IPO valuation for an unprofitable internet company selling inexpensive phones.

23.08.16: How to Free Big Banks From Weight of Dead Money
Big banks have long complained about the costs of holding large pools of inactive deposits, especially in countries where interest rates have turned negative. Increasingly, they are charging customers to look after their cash.

24.08.16: Everyone Wants Emerging-Market Bonds, But There Aren't Enough to Go Around
With prices high for emerging-market debt, any uptick in supply or deterioration in demand could tip the balance in an unpleasant way.

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