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Q Investments Ltd. is a global focused financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of investment management around the world. We add value to our clients by drawing on our own expertise and the combined resources of our business partners.

We offer investments in our “Profiler Portfolio” a globally diversified investment portfolio via participation certificates.

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WSJ.com: Markets

WSJ.com: Markets

27.02.17: A People-Powered Pickup for the Art Market
Return of sidelined auction executives could boost high-end art sales.

27.02.17: Global Exchanges Merger Game Gets a Restart---Again
The Deutsche Börse and London Stock Exchange tie-up looks set to fail. That opens the door for NYSE-owner InterContinental Exchanges.

27.02.17: Defending the Euro Starts With Cleaning Up the Banks
Bad loans aren’t just an economic burden; they also undermine the eurozone itself

24.02.17: Stocks are Frothy, but There's No Bubble
Stocks have soared but except for valuation there are few signs of a bubble. That doesn’t mean the market can’t fall.

25.02.17: Apple, Samsung Need to Dazzle in a Slow Market
For the two largest players in the smartphone business, Apple and Samsung, the goal this year is to restore some luster to their brands. Both saw smartphone sales fall for the first time in 2016.

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