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Q Investments Ltd. is a global focused financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of investment management around the world. We add value to our clients by drawing on our own expertise and the combined resources of our business partners.

We offer investments in our “Profiler Portfolio” a globally diversified investment portfolio via participation certificates.

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WSJ.com: Markets

WSJ.com: Markets

22.11.17: Why Investors Should Be Pleased to See Chinese Interest Rates Rise
There are encouraging signs that Beijing is allowing the cost of credit to be driven more by market forces.

21.11.17: Hold the Confetti for Biotech Stocks
Strong biotech index performance masks investor disappointment.

21.11.17: Commodity Bulls Ignoring a Few Large Elephants
Rising prices for growth-sensitive commodities have been one factor assuaging investors’ fears about richly valued stocks. But investors have been ignoring warning signs in metal and energy markets too.

21.11.17: Bull Market Has Long Memory of Bearish Times
The dark days of the global financial crisis cast a long shadow over a key stock-market measure.

21.11.17: Tencent Still Has a Bit to Learn From Facebook
Chinese tech giant Tencent has surpassed Facebook in market cap, but it needs to earn money like the U.S. social-media behemoth.

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